Thursday, July 29, 2010

Night Owls Tweet - Week 11

This "night owls tweet" is all about printing : or screen printing to be exact :)

[Over the next 52 weeks, Shey B from Arizona USA, and I from the Gold Coast AUSTRALIA, will attempt to blog a total of 365 photos. Each posting ... 7 photos, from the last 7 days, on alternate Monday Nights]

.... The decision to add a new range of original screen printed products and fabrics to the existing range now available at Spoonflower, has ensured it's been both fun & 'crazy busy' here in the studio most hours of the day :) 
And even though I know there is still a little way to go before the new Kristopher K shop goes 'live' - I'm already starting to get those jittery butterflies from the excitement of it all :)

I hope you enjoy the following screen printing snippets for this weeks Night Owls Tweet!

(click image to zoom)

1# Screen Printing Squeegee
2# Silk Screen
3# Pure white paint : (I do love white paint but I can't wait to start mixing it with other colours too ;)
4# Permaset : Textile paint for screen printing
5# First "test" print - whooo hooo
6# Screen printed 100% linen tea towel
7# Stock arriving ready for printing!

For week 10 "Garden plants from Arizona" photos : see the SheyB blog here

Cheers Kris :)


  1. It's so exciting to see your progress, and what a wonderfully creative business to be involved in Kris! Yay for you!!

  2. YEAH!! I am got supplies to try this weeks ago. THANKS for the tips.

  3. This sounds like an exiting undertaking!!

  4. Sounds like a fun process! Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx


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