Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'Easy As' Headboard Slipcover

I have been procrastinating, for days now, trying to decide how to sew my new quilt / So this weekend, with a little help from my Facebook Friends (You know who you are ;) I decided to just start sewing.

... as I wanted to update the look of our guest bedroom, I decided to start with a simple "easy as" headboard slip cover.

This fabric slip-cover, is fabulously easy to make, and can transform the look of an existing headboard (be it modern, antique, painted or stained, timber or chipboard ;) in a matter of hours.

Featuring 'Kristopher K' Fabric Designs from Top:
Marie's Garden

Lucky Four
Rustic Floral
Rustic Stripes
Marie's Garden - Square

... And at least now I know where the quilt will live once it is made ;)

'Easy As' Headboard Fabric Slipcover:
Make your own pattern:

- To measure the required length of your headboard: simply measure from the top of the headboard / to the middle of the top mattress / times this length by two / and add your seam allowance.

- Then measure the width of your headboard: (This single headboard was 12.5 " wide) and add your side seam allowance to each side (if making from one piece of fabric) you have the required pattern size.

- Or you can feature strips of fabric: As shown: 2 strips of plain linen either side of a strip of patchwork fabric (made from sewing small strips of fabric together) Or design your own featuring as many strips as you want: just remember to allow for the extra seam allowances when working out your required widths.

- Sew all strips together (if using more than one piece of fabric ;)

- Hem around all sides.

- Fold slip cover in half (along the width line) front side up.

- Cut 12 ribbon ties and pin into place as shown:

- 3 on left (inside front) and 3 on right (inside front) then directly behind

- 3 on left (inside back) and 3 on right (inside back) and sew into place.

- Iron (you know you want to ;)

- Slip over existing headboard.

- Tie ribbons and Voila

.... it could then be time to pop the kettle on!

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  1. That is so nice - well chosen and beautifully detailed :)

  2. I absolutely love it... Simple, clean, yet makes a statement. Thank you!

  3. just lovely I think Ill check out your fabric as our guest bed is way overdue for a makeover. Ps I just love the frogs too.

  4. This is a lovely idea and a really beautiful way to showcase your gorgeous fabrics. I'm a big fan.
    Natalie (bunni)


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