Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Put on your dancing shoes :)

Did someone say shoes?
Kristopher K Design meets the Iconic Classic Keds Shoe.

Warning - This could be addictive - lol :)
Can be customised with your choice of stitching, laces, lining etc

Available now in a variety of 'Kristopher K' patterns in styles to suit:

Men, Women and Children: See the 'Kristopher K' store at Zazzle

White Wild Rose: Women's Champion Lace Up

Paper Daisy Pink: Kids Champion Lace Up

Shabby Rose: Women's Champion Slip On

Wild Grey: Men's PRO-Keds Royal Lo

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  1. They're all so nice! Look comfy too!

  2. Awesome! I love the whole designer sneaker idea!

  3. This is the coolest thing ever! Love the yellow ones! Keds are so comfy.

  4. LOVE these shoes Kris!
    I've just been looking at your fabrics on Spoonflower (can't get enough of them by the way - all too amazing!) and was just wondering...are the prices US dollars? I have 2 bergere chairs to recover and would LOVE to use your fabric.

  5. Thanks Angex,
    Love the sound of your Bergere chairs!

    Yes - 'Kristopher K' for Spoonflower fabrics are printed in the USA, and are available online via Spoonflower's website (US dollars)
    Spoonflower sends fabric to Australia
    (and most other international locations too)

    If your wanting to recover chairs, there is a lovely Upholstery Weight Fabric Available:
    Link showing all of Spoonflower's available fabrics below:

    If some Kristopher K fabric, finds it's way home to your chairs ... I'm sure you can guess, I would love to see photos
    Cheers Kris :)

  6. Hi Kris! Thank you for popping into my little blog to say hi. You design fabric? wow i cant wait to check out the rest of your blog. Those pink shoes are awesome!

    Come back anytime to say hi!

  7. How wonderful are these shoes, Kris - nice to have something that stands out in the crowd:)


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