Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Sunshine

Today on an overcast Saturday I'm sure the sunshine appeared, from behind the clouds, just so I could photograph Spoonflowers new Organic Cotton Sateen: For as soon as I'd clicked the following photos it disappeared again.

This is the first time I've sampled the new bright white, Organic Cotton Sateen - and I can describe it in one word: LOVE

This 100% organic cotton fabric, is beautifully soft, with a lovely silky lustre and is Certified organic cotton by: Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

Designs shown above are from the Shabby Chic Collection and include: From Top:
Shabby Rose
Shabby Check Petite
Shabby Stripe Petite
Shabby Yellow Petite
Shabby Diamond Petite

Shabby Chic Collection: Detail

Colour Inspiration for: Shabby Chic Yellow
Walking through the picturesque, Tamborine Mountain Village,
I stumbled upon this lovely and overgrown shabby yellow fence :)

This went onto become the colour inspiration behind Shabby Chic Yellow :)

Wishing you all happiness and sunshine ... cheers Kris

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  1. Shabby Rose is my favourite! We had a funny day today, rain one minute, sunny the next, windy, warm,!

  2. Love the inspirational picket fence - a really nice shade of yellow. Have a good long weekend. The rain has come to Sydney finally today so I'm going to struggle with the light for my photos too.

  3. very beautiful... love those lemony yellows:)


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