Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vintage Christmas Bunting Kit

Today I made up my Vintage Christmas Bunting Kit - featuring a vintage palette of Gold, Mint, Aqua and Cranberry. This Christmas bunting kit has 15 bunting flags in total - per fat quarter of Spoonflower fabric .... 

This really should be an "easy as" project that can probably be cut out and sewn up in under an hour (unless like me you rush ahead and on your first attempt sew the letters to your ribbon backwards - bunting saying "samtasirhc yrrem" - dosn't quite impart the Holiday feeling i was looking for - haha!!!)


Also this week I received in the post a copy of Homemaker Magazine UK (issue 12)  - featuring my design Paper Daisy - Summer Yellow (far right below)

Thank-you so much Vicky for sending this to me, I am so excited to see my work featured in the 2014 Spoonflower calendar accompanying the magazine.
I now have this lovely calendar on my studio wall to enjoy right throughout the year! Yay!

Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY - lampshade - Christmas Tree Skirt

Every year, our Christmas tree goes up on the 1st December, but this year we're a few weeks early as I wanted to show you all how I repurposed an old drum lampshade to make this "easy as" no sew Christmas Tree Skirt - Yay!

There really is no limit to the way this lampshade 'skirt' can be decorated to suit your Christmas Decor - and if desired the look can be updated again year after year!

1) Measure the width of your Christmas Tree Stand to ensure it fits inside the circumference of your lampshade.
2) Decorate your lampshade to suit 
- this could include using a variety of: paints, ribbons, tinsels, fabrics, stickers, papers etc (as pictured I've used a hot glue gun to attach lengths of natural twine - trimmed to fit)
3) Insert your Christmas Tree Stand and construct your tree as per the instructions
4) Decorate your tree and Enjoy!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

D.I.Y "Antiqued" Christmas

Are you starting to think about Christmas?
I know my thoughts are already full of ideas for decorating the house this Christmas; so when I found packets of 12 mini silver bells, for $2 at Kmart - well I couldn't help but buy a few.
Now although cute - I wasn't really wanting that lovely, shiny, "new plastic" look that seems to be so readily available!
So in a few "easy as" steps I have transformed these cute little bells, to resemble old tarnished antique silver - Yay!
If you would like to see how I "antiqued" these little bells, see the steps below;

You will need:
Plastic Silver Decorations
Gold Acrylic Paint 
(I used Jo Sonja's 'Rich Gold')
Dark Purple Acrylic Paint 
(I used Jo Sonja's Dioxazine Purple)
Stencil Brush
Paper Plate

1) Squeeze a little, gold and purple paint, onto your paper plate
2) Add a little purple paint to the tip of your brush and remove excess paint 
(to do this - I make swirls with the brush, on a clean section of the paper plate until my brush is almost dry)
3) Dab the brush onto the decoration in random spots
4) Repeat on all decorations
5) Add a little gold paint to the tip of your brush and remove excess paint 
6) Dab the brush onto the decoration making sure to cover most of the purple paint 
7) Repeat on all decorations 
8) Allow to dry
9) Hang your "antiqued" silver decorations

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Fabric Designs :)


I can't believe the last time I updated this Blog was Dec - WOW!
But please, lets not count the months as I'm just so happy to be back with some new Fabric Designs (I know, I know... finally!) 
Thank-you so much to everyone who has emailed in messages and photos of projects, made with Kristopher K fabrics throughout the year ... I really can't describe how much I appreciate all your wonderful kind words and support :)

First up is a new Floral Design featuring a subtle 'tone on tone' palette with a soft linen texture called 'Silhouette'

And I have returned to a perennially favourite subject of mine for my next design called 'Daisy Wash' : these daisies have been stylised with a bold graphic approach, and scattered throughout a washed, water-colour world.

Till next time ... (and hopefully thats a lot sooner than last time)
Take care, 
All the very best,
Kris :)