Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY - lampshade - Christmas Tree Skirt

Every year, our Christmas tree goes up on the 1st December, but this year we're a few weeks early as I wanted to show you all how I repurposed an old drum lampshade to make this "easy as" no sew Christmas Tree Skirt - Yay!

There really is no limit to the way this lampshade 'skirt' can be decorated to suit your Christmas Decor - and if desired the look can be updated again year after year!

1) Measure the width of your Christmas Tree Stand to ensure it fits inside the circumference of your lampshade.
2) Decorate your lampshade to suit 
- this could include using a variety of: paints, ribbons, tinsels, fabrics, stickers, papers etc (as pictured I've used a hot glue gun to attach lengths of natural twine - trimmed to fit)
3) Insert your Christmas Tree Stand and construct your tree as per the instructions
4) Decorate your tree and Enjoy!

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  1. What fun!! This is so inspiring! What a brilliant idea, and it seems simple enough that even a non-sewer-fabric-obsessed gal like me could pull it off!


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