Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Wishing you and your loved ones, a very 
Merry Christmas 
and a fabulous fun and festive holiday season!
Thank-you all so much for your wonderful support and encouragement throughout 2011 :)
See you all in 2012!
Cheers, Love Kris 

(Designs above from my new collection: Faded French :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Easy As" Fabric Roses

Do you like crafting at Christmas Time? 
Christmas is usually my favourite time of year to sit around the dining table, chatting and crafting with friends and family.
I've always loved easy - yet - Oh! so pretty crafts that add a vintage or handmade feel to your decorating - I think pretty fabric roses fit this brief perfectly and best of all they can be made at any time of year!

Easy As - Fabric Rose - Tutorial!
- Tear a strip of fabric / old scraps of cotton and/or linen fabrics are perfect for these pretty roses
(Note: changing the width and length of your fabric strips will create interesting variations in your roses
- Fray the edges of your fabric strip
- Tie a knot in one end of your fabric strip
- Wrap the remaining fabric strip around the knot (twisting as you go) 
- As you twist the fabric use a needle and thread to stitch (hold) fabric in place (or hold fabric in place with glue from a hot glue gun etc)
- When you have almost finished wrapping your rose, tuck the end of your fabric strip to the underside of your new rose
- Your new fabric rose can then be sewn onto ribbon to decorate presents etc

-Enjoy :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fabric Gift Tag Tutorial

It's the 1st December! - can you believe it?

For us the 1st December has always been the day when our old dusty box of Christmas Crafty Goodness gets pulled down from the back of the cupboard, and our home is decorated for Christmas (although I'm always so tempted to start earlier)

So today as well as decorating the tree, I've made some personalised Gift Tags (with a lovely handmade shabby feel) for the numerous "brown paper packages" soon to be placed under the tree!

Below is a little DIY tutorial, for my Fabric Gift Tags  ... Happy Decorating :)

Fabric Gift Tag Tutorial


1 x 3.5" x .5" cardstock rectangle (per gift card)
1 x 7" x 1" linen or burlap fabric rectangle (per gift tag)
Sewing Machine and thread (to match fabric)
Hole punch and eyelet kit (or a button and thread)
Stamps, Stencil Kit or Fabric Paint to decorate


- Cut cardstock rectangle to size
- Cut fabric rectangle to size and fray edges
- Wrap cardstock rectangle with the fabric rectangle to create fabric gift card
- Sew around all edges of gift tag (to the inside of the frayed edge)
- Using a hole punch make a hole in your gift tag about .5" in from one end of your gift tag (Or attach a button at one end of your tag)
- Trim any extra fabric /cardstock created by hole punch, to ensure a flat surface for eyelet
- Using hardware supplied with your hole punching kit attach eyelet
- Stamp, stencil, or paint your gift tag with a message or your recipients name etc
- Attach ribbon or twine (through the eyelet or around the button) and attach gift tag to your gift
- Voila :)