Friday, April 09, 2010

Sunshine Award

Yesterday Mermaid from the blog: Buttons and Bows sent me some sunshine all the way from the UK, in the form of a "Sunshine Award" ~ Thank-you :)

This is the very first award the 'Kristopher K Design' Blog has received, so it came as a lovely and very special surprise indeed.

In accepting this award, I will follow along with the spirit of the award and pass the sunshine on to 12 inspiring blogs that represent just a few of the many wonderful blogs that I regularly love to read.

1.    Brandi Girl
2.    Chair Up
8.    Sasha and Max
9.    Selvage Blog

I'll soon be sending you all a comment to let you know :)


  1. Oh Congratulations Kris. I'm so glad your blog has received this recognition. You are such a clever lady! And thanks for passing it on to me. You're very kind.
    Yay it's Friday, enjoy your weekend:o)

  2. Congratulations Kris - whata lovely idea. And thanks so much for passing on the sunshine - Enjoy the weekend !

  3. You are definitely a ray of Sunshine and most deserving! Thanks so much for thinking of me as someone to pass the award along to. ((hugs))

  4. Thank you for sharing the sunshine with Town and Country Mom! I'll be tagging you on my blog later today! Happy Weekend!

  5. What a wonderful surprise ~ and very much appreciated I must add ~ Thank you so much and a congrats to you too! I'll get to work sharing the sunshine too :-) Take care ~ Rebecca

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Kris! It's my first award too! You rock! :-) I'll be sure to spread the sunshine.

  7. Thank you so much Kris for sharing the award. I am truly honored! It made my day yesterday.


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