Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hello Sydney

Although things here on the Kristopher K blog have been quiet (for what feels like MONTHS to me now) ..... I can assure you, my daily life over the last few weeks, has been the opposite!
Due to some unexpected family matters (all good) I left home on the sunny Gold Coast to once again say "Hello" to my hometown of Sydney. The city skyline may have changed in my absence, but I'm happy to say the Harbour is as magical and beautiful as ever.
As soon as I am reunited with my home computer I will post more "Kristopher K" news and updates (when you leave an Apple at home : and only have limited access to a laptop PC - I assure you, absence makes the heart grow fonder - lol)
... so missing the fun of "catching up" with you all ... and although this weeks "Night Owls Tweet" will be late, I wanted to let you know everything is AOK and I hope to be back here in Blogland soon ... !!!


  1. Have a great time in my beautiful Sydney Kris! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful sunny weather we're having! Jxx

  2. Glad to hear all is well Kris, had wondered where you had been! Have a fab time in Sydney, the Harbour looks fantastic.


  3. everybody will understand! have a great time. Sydney is a place high on my wishlist!

  4. I adore Sydney almost six years that I moved here and I haven't looked back!! Enjoy! :-)


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