Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today has been a Terrific Tuesday ... why ? Well apart from being the first Tuesday in November and a day when a little old horse race called The Melbourne Cup stops a nation ... I also made some fun "easy as" fabric buttons :)

Using a simple button kit that I purchased from The Haby Goddess (here) it really was as "easy as" 1, 2, 3 to make these adorable fabric covered buttons (with absolutely no sewing skills required ;)

Fabrics shown are from my Perfect Pink Collection and include : (from top)
Disco Dots - Hot Pink
Country Checks
Spring Blossoms 

I hope you had a Terrific Tuesday too, and if you placed a bet on The Melbourne Cup, I hope you backed a winner!


  1. these are gorgeous! and a fab way of using up little bits :-) xxx

  2. Thank you for mentioning The Haby Goddess :) Your fabrics are lovely and look fantastic as buttons.

  3. Hi Kris, Just found your lovely blog! Just my sort of style. Looking forward to following. Have fun, Lisa


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