Monday, November 01, 2010

Spring Blossoms on Silk!

... How exciting !!! 
I received my first sample of the new Silk Crepe de Chine fabric from Spoonflower today. 
See photos of this beautiful silk fabric, featuring my design Spring Blossoms below 
.... Now I'll really be able to practice some of my new "how to tie silk scarves" skills :)


  1. Darn blogger, losing comments...Just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful print. You must be so pleased!

  2. So pretty, Kris ! Beautiful :)

  3. This is magnificent. This must look wonderful in that fabric. You always know just which fabric works beautifully with your designs.

    If you ever decide to offer an on-line class in how to design fabric, I'll be the first to sign-up.



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