Thursday, September 02, 2010

Vintage Shabby Rose : In Miniature

Sending a big "Thank-you" to the amazingly talented Ken of JBM Miniatures for kindly sending me photos of these wonderful miniature chairs, (upholstered with Kristopher K designs from the "Vintage" Shabby Chic Collection.)

You may remember an earlier post (
here) featuring more of Ken's miniatures, together with a "How To" for reducing the scale of designs at Spoonflower.

~ Thank-you Ken, I absolutely love to see photos of "Kristopher K" fabrics in action!!!

... See more examples of awe-inspiring miniature furniture on Ken@JBM's flickr photostream (
here :)


  1. These are just amazing. What a fun use for your lovely designs.

  2. Aren't they the cutest! Your fabrics look wonderful small scale!

  3. These are darling! What is it about miniatures that are so intriguing? Just gorgeous! Love your blog, your fabrics are lovely, too! Happy to be your newest follower!

  4. 1. That is the coolest tiny furniture ever.

    2. I put a few of your designs up on the blog (because I love them <3).

    Did link to the blog and give credit, of course.

  5. I love this style of furniture! The fabric is so pretty too!!

  6. These are just as adorable as the set with the yellow roses...Take care! ~ Rebecca


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