Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Night Owls Tweet - Week 17

For this weeks Night Owls Tweet, I'm celebrating the arrival of Spring 
- not to mention the warmer weather here in Sydney ... Happy Days !!!

[Over the next 52 weeks, Shey B from 
Arizona USA, and I from the Gold Coast (and Sydney :) AUSTRALIA, will attempt to blog a total of 365 photos. Each posting ... 7 photos, from the last 7 days, on alternate Monday Nights]

(click image to zoom)
#1 - #7 Springtime flowers from Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens

See the SheyB blog for Night Owls Tweet photos - all the way from the USA.


  1. Gorgeous pics - I just love the blossom :)

  2. Aww pretty flowers. Loving the cheery yellow.

  3. Awww, you're so lucky! You have springtime and pretty flowers and sunlight and all that...

    I wish I could spend the next six month in Australia, i miss summer already:)

  4. Very cool concept, and beautiful images... are you taking these pictures yourself?


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