Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Long Weekend

It's been such a busy few days, that I've only just realised it's a long weekend -in celebration of the Queen's Birthday - How Fabulous !!!
... another birthday coming up this month, is my Grandma's, or 'Great Nanny Junes' as she's known to us.
June has always been an inspirational (and stylish :) role model in my life, as an amazing artist, and when I was younger, owner of a successful Sydney Art Gallery. 
As I know she won't be peeking here on the blog ... here are some cushions that I've just finished making her, using upholstery weight cotton fabrics, from my China Blue collection - I so hope she likes them :)

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  1. Oh Kris,

    Those are some adorble pillows! I am sure your Grandma just loved them. And the fabric is so lovely...I love blue, just love it!


  2. I adore that colour - a personal favourite! I hope you have a lovely week! xx


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