Monday, March 08, 2010

Marvellous Monday

How is everyone on this Marvellous Monday? I hope you are all well, and have a productive and successful week :)
It's still raining here on the Gold Coast ... but for some really good news:
I saw to-day that the SEQ Dams are over 90% full (woo - hoo :)

Here is a sneak peek of some new patterns.
These little babies are so hot, I've not even seen them printed onto fabric yet!

Vintage Floral - inspired by antique lace, flower stars twinkle on soft faded colour palettes. From Left:
Vintage Floral - Denim
Vintage Floral - Mauve and
Vintage Floral - Mist

Fleur - These hand drawn flowers were inspired by little wool crochet flowers. In a palette of bright spring colours the Fleur collection includes co-ordinating patterns in stripes and diamonds - a fun modern adaptation of old court jester clothes. From Left:
Fleur and

Deco Floral - Inspired by Art Deco Design, these stylised flowers have been coloured in three fun palettes, with stripes of cute little polka dots for a fresh modern look. From Left:

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  1. You have been a busy gal! My very favorite is the Deco Floral. Wouldn't that look marvelous as a slipcover on a chair?

  2. Just found your blog, Love the vintage floral design.


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