Friday, March 26, 2010

Floral Inspired Friday

What a wonderful surprise I have to share with you all to-day! 

The lovely Rosie, of The Fabric Shopper has just posted on her inspiring blog, some fantastic photos of her beautiful new summer skirt.
Rosie has designed an amazing, long, layered, shabby chic, bohemian skirt with fabulous raw serged edges with my Fabric Design:

If you have yet to visit Rosie's blog and like me, love all things fabric - I recommend you "click" on over to The Fabric Shopper Blog and say Hello :)

- I just adore seeing what people are making from my Fabric Designs!
~ Thanks Rosie for posting these wonderful photos. I just love your new skirt.

Magnolia Little Gem - is available now in a variety of serene shades, as per the palette of natural colours below :)

"Magnolia Little Gem - Olive Green - 2 Yard Panel"

"Magnolia Little Gem - Bronze - 2 Yard Panel"

"Magnolia Little Gem - Dark Spice - 2 Yard Panel" 

"Magnolia Little Gem - Dusty Pink - 2 Yard Panel"

"Magnolia Little Gem - Sage - 2 Yard Panel"

"Magnolia Little Gem - Arctic - 2 Yard Panel"


And in other news this week from Spoonflower:

The base colour of the beautiful Organic Cotton Sateen will change to a whiter white ... I believe this will help to minimise any colour shifts that can occur when printing on an off-white base fabric. - "Starting with orders placed on Friday, March 26, we'll be printing on the new, white organic sateen rather than the off-white, natural sateen." 

and Im also very excited about the launch of a brand new Spoonflower fabric option: Cotton Lawn 
- I can't wait to get my hands on some of this new fabric - as soon as I have some actual samples, I'll post photos and let you know what I think - YAY

Cotton Lawn, optic white:

Have a wonderful flower filled friday, and a fabulous weekend,
Cheers Kris

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  1. Love the magnolia fabric in Dusty Pink! Your daffodils design is also beautiful - will definitely go vote for it! :-)

  2. Oh you are a temptress! Those new shades are great!


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