Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wonderful Television Series

I have just watched a wonderful, television series, that explores the subject of colour.
It's available now in Australia on DVD -
(I got mine online from the ABC Shop)
like me you have an obsession for all things colour, then I think you too will enjoy the following series:

Cracking the Colour Code -"A visual exploration of how we view colours, how we make them, and the meanings they hold in our world."


  1. Sounds facinating ~ will have to look for it here. Thank you for sharing :-) ~ Rebecca

  2. HI Kris, thank you for visiting me the other day! Wow, you are very talented and I love your fabrics, should anyone approach me for something in your colourway I will definately be looking at your fabrics first. take care, Maryann


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