Thursday, February 04, 2010

From Design to Fabric

Swatches featuring a variety of "Pear Harvest" Designs:
(clockwise from top) "Pear Harvest - Gingham Large," "Pear Harvest - Still Life," and "Pear Harvest - Square."

- from designs to actual printed fabric - I love it when designs appear to come to life, on wonderful natural fabrics :)

Fabrics by Kristopher K
- are available online @ Spoonflower
© All rights reserved.


  1. These designs caught my eye on Flickr. Lovely! THe colors and patterns are beautiful!

  2. I love the pears ... did you paint those before they became fabrics? I enjoy the simplicity.

  3. Thanks Angela for your lovely comment - I loved the colour and texture in these wonderful pears - so decided to try and capture their beauty in a photograph - which was further simplified by editing :)


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