Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pear Harvest - Cabinet Makeover!

Today I finished making over my new 'stock' cabinet!!!

Finding this beauty for a bargain price on ebay was the easy part 
- deciding what fabric to use for the makeover, .... well that's another story!

Weeks of procrastinating later, I finally ordered my Spoonflower design "Pear Harvest
I love that even with the doors closed, you get the sense you are peeking inside the cabinet, to see shelves of pretty pears all lined up in rows :)

Before pics below:

To give this cabinet a simpler, more rustic country feel - the first thing I did was remove the fancy 'fret work' from the legs.
Then I lightly sanded, washed and painted the cabinet in one of my all time favourite products: White Paint!

Further adding to the country feel, I attached a new iron handle and French inspired escutcheon (for a key and tassel.)

To attach the fabric to the timber panels, I measured and cut the fabric to size - and simply used double sided tape to fix the fabric to the timber .
(This also makes the fabric quite easy to remove whenever it's time for a change)
Finally the edges of the fabric were topped with ribbon (applied with a hot glue gun.)

And Voila! 


  1. Magnifique! Love the new legs, and everything for that matter!!
    What a divine storage cupboard. Well done!

  2. This is fantastic! What a great job you've done. I love that fabric :)

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful! I great job!

  4. What a piece of art that you have made! The transformation is awesome. One day I have to have something like this. Goes straight into my wish/do list. Thanks. It is always really inspiring when you come with your new posts.

  5. You knew just how to bring out the beauty of this piece. I'm inspired!

  6. You are inspirational! Love it! And I, too, am a huge fan of white paint! :-)


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