Sunday, February 06, 2011

"Easy As" paper flowers :)

Happy Sunday ...

Today I've been making some fun paper flowers, that are not only an ideal way to dress up and decorate gifts but are oh so wonderfully - "Easy As" - to make.

I like to make them from recycled white tissue paper, (after carefully removing the wrap so often used by department stores on new purchases) - but vibrant colours work well for kids birthday parties, and restricted or limited mixed colour palettes help give a co-ordinated look to presents under a Christmas tree etc ....

.... If you'd like to try these out for yourself, see a wonderful tutorial for similar tissue paper flowers 
on the Feeling Fuzzy Blog <here>

But be warned ... try stopping after you've made just one :)


  1. She's right - I've got these all over my house! I made a bunch with my kid to dangle over our dining room table for giggles and we can't bring ourselves to take them down because they are so fun. You've been warned! :D

  2. They are fun to make! I have a whole stash from a recent baby shower I threw. :)


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