Saturday, May 08, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

As winter approaches and the days (and nights) grow colder here on the Gold Coast Australia, it was lovely this morning to just relax, and enjoy the warmth of a lovely Autumn sun.
As waves danced and sparkled in the light and sea birds circled overhead, I felt a million miles away from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life ... 
It's always so good to take 'time out' to relax, rest and rejuvenate ;)

ahhhh .... bliss :)

Now back to the equally fun business of fabrics and textiles 

here are some of my latest 'hot of the press' designs 
- more details soon ;)

And finally,

Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow :)

(and if it's not Mothers Day in your part of the world : 
Happy Mother's Day anyway - lol )
I'm looking forward to Breakfast in Bed ... a long Sunday drive .... and a late afternoon tea with my wonderful mum, who loves to remind me that many many many years ago, when I was just a babe, I made her a nice hot cup of tea for Mothers Day Breakie, with salt instead of sugar ... lol ~ 
Thank-you mum, for being the best mum ever ♡♡♡ Kris


  1. Thank you so much for s dose of sunshine, it's cold and wet here in England this morning. The new fabrics look great.

  2. Cripes, glad my kids didn't do that... I have 3 sugars in my tea!
    Your designs are so gorgeous Kris.
    Enjoy your Sunday drive :o)

  3. I am just doing some catching up! Anne's Whimsy is wonderful! That is a great design ... love what is running around in your head :-)


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