Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Versailles - Saturn Fountain

I had some more of my photos printed as Greeting Cards by RedBubble.
Here is one of my favourites showing a detail of The Saturn Fountain.
“The Saturn Fountain”, by Fran├žois Girardon is located in the beautiful gardens of The Chateau de Versailles, France – I absolutely fell in love with the gardens of Versailles from my very first glimpse :) 

(Versailles - Fountains)

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  1. How exciting ... beautiful shot ... I love the printing process -how it multiplies a person's artwork/photography for many to enjoy! I'm embarrassed to admit, I know nothing of the Saturn Fountain ... I will have to google it ...those wings and the beard -intense.

  2. Thanks Angela for your lovely comment - I've now added to the post some links - so you can easily "click" on over to Versailles - (if only it was so easy to visit for real :)


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