Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rose Mist

Here is my design "Rose Mist" on fabric.

It has been printed by Spoonflower, on their wonderful upholstery weight twill. I've displayed the fabric here, with some cute little letters, that I just couldn't resist buying :)

Fabrics by Kristopher K - are available online @ Spoonflower

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  1. Your fabric designs are just lovely and it makes me wish I was artistically talented in that area.

    Seriously, how much of a time waster is spoonflower? I think I spent about 4 hours playing on there yesterday!!! Fun, but crazy!!

  2. Just Loving Spoonflower too - lol - I know what you mean - between spoonflower, blogs, twitter, flickr, etc ... the hours fly by :)


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