Monday, December 06, 2010

Multi Dots Collection

Hello friends...
Here are some Multi Dots for a Marvellous Monday!
Colours from top left : 
Purple, Blue, Mint, Yellow, Green and Pink :)

It's summer school holiday time here in OZ - YAY!!!
(although with all the rain and flooding along the east coast, its quite easy to forget it's summer) .... 
Hope you have a fabulous week, and stay warm (for those of you caught in the snow) and dry (for those of you, like us here on the Gold Coast, listening to the sound of drumming rain ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kris! Another gorgeous collection! Hard to believe it is summer holiday for you all...we are dealing with very cold temperatures here but not the snow that was forecast for us (personally I'd rather have the would be warmer then).
    I do hope things have dried out a bit for you that flooding looks like it could make life quite tricky.
    Been busy preparing for the holidays ~ hope you are all able to do the same. A wonderful week to you ~ Rebecca


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