Monday, December 28, 2009

Budding Blue

Hello and Welcome to the Kristopher K Design Blog :)

I hope to update this blog with exciting new and original Kristopher K Fabrics, and a variety of other beautiful design inspirations.
Thanks so much for your interest and support.
Cheers, Kris :) 

Selection of Kristopher K designs for Spoonflower

Design: Rose Blush
A profusion of vintage inspired, blushing pink roses, with an updated modern twist of rough, graphic lines, adding to the overall design :)

Design: Chelsea Road
Abstract pattern, inspired by Chelsea Rd London, features a soft grey/sage colour palette
1 yard from Border to Border, Chelsea Road is available as an:
East West Border design or North South Border design

Design: Rosettes Grand 
In colours of (left to right) Fawn, Duck Egg Blue, & Moss
A modern floral design, featuring intricate, intertwining roses, inspired by the English Tudor rose :)


Following the rain today, I was inspired to grab my camera, and look at the world in Macro :)

Original photo (above)

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  1. Wow. That is amazing and beautiful. I am enjoying all the fabric designs as well. Very nice. Inspiring. Particularly the pink flower one.

  2. Beautiful, everything is beautiful. You deserve to have your own magazine. I'd buy it and stare at the pictures all day. :D


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